Public Affairs Research

Ipsos conducts strategic research in partnership with clients from the government, public, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors.

We understand and manage issues, advance reputations, determine and pinpoint shifts in attitude and opinion, enhance communications, and evaluate policy.

We see respondents as citizens, stakeholders, employees, and voters – as well as consumers. We can effectively and quickly reach elite, stakeholder, and other highly targeted respondents, with the same ease as the general public. Ipsos ensures that our clients get the answers they need from the audience that is critical to their business.

Strategic advice is the key deliverable. We provide clients with advice that goes beyond reporting on data, based on a concrete understanding of the issues and their context. We help clients go beyond the numbers to understand optimal actions and communications.

Our offices in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver, are staffed with objective, research veterans. With sector experts in Reputation & Risk Management; Public Sector Research; Government and Social Research; International Trends; and Media and Polling, we can tailor a unique research solution for you.