Montreal Focus Group Facilities

1440 St. Catherine West
Suite 555
Montreal, QC H3G 1R8
Paisley Kulagowski: 514.904.3179
Luc Durand: 514.904.4344

Participant side

  • Adjustable table seating for 4 to 12 participants
  • Can accommodate living room and classroom styles
  • Audio, MP3, DVD and video recording features
  • Cork Displays and shelf along side wall
  • State if the art audio-video playback technologies
  • Fully equipped for website / usability testing

Observer side

  • Seated viewing space for up to 16
  • Viewing room optimized for maximum observation
  • Climate, lighting, audio, translation playback controls
  • Wireless, high speed Internet access

In-House Recruitment

  • Consumer, Business to Business, Medical
  • Offered nationally in English and French