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Ipsos ASI Will Make Your Creative Development Process Better

We've tested over 100,000 ads in over 50 countries – and worldwide, we test over 7,500 ads a year!

Our wide repertoire of diagnostic tools is designed to give richer insights at every stage of the development process. We can test:

  • Anywhere in Canada (or Internationally)
  • TV (or other video), print, outdoor, in-store and digital - Individually or as a campaign
  • With specific targets (i.e. kids, teens, moms, ethnic, B2B, aging demographic)

At every phase of the creative process – you have questions that need insightful answers. We have the answers!

Are you at an early stage in the process? You are asking:

  • What should we say?
  • How should we say it?
  • What’s the insight?
  • Can our brand own this?

Big Idea is the answer: A quant/qual Hothouse approach, with Canadian norms.

Are you looking to optimize your campaign or select between creative concepts? You are asking:

  • Will the ads break through with a branded impression?
  • Do they communicate the strategy?
  • Do they create the desired emotional response?
  • Are they persuasive?
  • If not – can we fix them – and how?

AdLab is the proven quant/qual approach with over 15 years of Canadian norms.

Are you looking for globally validated predictions of in-market success? You are asking:

  • Should I run this ad? Will it generate sales and build the brand?
  • Can I compare the results internationally? – Can I run this ad from another country in Canada?
  • Can I be sure that the ad will work well regionally and/or in both languages?

ASI:Connect provides validated, predictive measures of Reception and Response along with rich diagnostics with a nationally representative sample. Our new modular approach is even faster and more cost effective.

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