U.S. Diversity Markets Report

Leading Report on the U.S. Diversity/Multicultural Markets

The 15th edition of the U.S. Diversity Markets Report is now available! Published every other year, the report covers demographics and market characteristics for the rapidly growing Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American markets. This comprehensive report is built from 4,700 interviews among Diversity consumers, and includes:

  • Population Estimates: Detailed population estimates for Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans, in addition to demographic profiles by ethnicity for the top multicultural DMA’s
  • Demographic Profiles: Analyses of all three major Diversity groups on standard demos, as well as country of birth/origin, length of time in U.S., language spoken, and cultural identity for Hispanics and English-speaking Asian-Americans
  • Language and Acculturation: In-depth analysis of language and acculturation trends among Hispanics
  • Media: Measurement of media habits, including television, radio, internet, and print for the Diversity groups vs. General Market
  • Category-Specific Findings: Ownership of electronics, automotive, financial products, and an expanded technology/social media section for the Diversity groups vs. General Market

The U.S. Diversity Markets Report is ideal for marketers who want to understand and reach these growing and key segments of the U.S. The report offers numerous applications, including market research plans, long range strategic plans, annual marketing plans, segmentation, targeted distribution, sales goals and projections, and media and marketing budget allocations.


  • Electronic Report: $1,999
  • License Fee (gives user permission to print, place the files on a corporate intranet, extranet, or public website): $6,500