Public Opinion and New Canadians

Exploring the attitudes and opinions of newcomers to Canada.

Reaching Out to New Canadians

Understanding the attitudes and opinions of new Canadians as citizens and stakeholders requires a sustained effort and an understanding of how these groups differ from mainstream Canadians demographically, behaviourally and attitudinally.

The Public Opinion and New Canadians syndicated study series launches with reports on healthcare and charitable giving. Additional subjects will be covered based on client interest and demand. Future reports may include: Public Opinion on Government; Public Opinion on Post Secondary Education; and Public Opinion on the Environment.

Our Experience

Ipsos Reid is the leader in public policy, public communications and social trends research in Canada.

We provide clients with advice that goes beyond reporting on data, based on a concrete understanding of the issues and their context.

Reports and Content

New Canadians' Views on Healthcare

This report explores a variety of issues related to healthcare including:

  • Assessment of current state of health;
  • General attitudes towards the current state of Canada's Healthcare system;
  • Satisfaction with access to medical services;
  • Experience with wait times for specific medical services including: family physicians; specialists; diagnostic procedures; elective surgery; and radiation/chemotherapy treatments;
  • Attitudes towards blood donation.

New Canadians' Views on Charitable Giving

This report explores attitudes towards donating and charities in general.


The Public Opinion and New Canadians reports are conducted online with 100 new Canadian respondents (in Canada less than five years) via the Ipsos Online Panel.

Subsequent to online interviews, up to twenty IDI's (in-depth interviews) will be conducted with selected respondents to the online survey to provide further insights to issues related to the core survey.

The Value of Syndicated Studies

A syndicated study is to research what a car pool is to commuters — a shared vehicle with shared costs. In a syndicated study, subscribers share the cost of data collection for the set of core questions. Thus, the report cost is only a fraction of what it would have been if a custom study had been done just for you.