Participation in the Digital Economy

Access to the Internet ensures that Canadians can have a greater ability participate in the digital economy including: increased awareness and engagement in the broader community, ability to access e-government services, social sites and connections, education or e-learning, health related services and information, as well as entertainment, and goods and services.

Ipsos is conducting a syndicate research study to understand Canadians’ usage of the Internet and level of participation in the digital economy.

The survey seeks to:

  • Understand Canadians’ type of engagement and frequency of access on the Internet, if at all, to meet their social, economic and cultural needs. This may include social media usage, community engagement, e-commerce, e-banking, e-health, and distance education;
  • Identify barriers that limit or prevent Canadians from meaningfully participating in the digital economy (e.g. availability, quality, price, digital literacy, and concerns related to privacy and security);
  • Identify enablers that allow Canadians to meaningfully participate in the digital economy (e.g. a connected device, knowledge on how to use the Internet, etc.); and
  • Profile different segments of the population based on usage of the Internet (access at home/no access at home), type and frequency of usage.

Methodology & Sample

Data for this study will be collected by telephone (CATI) including: 70% landline and 30% cell phone. A national sample of 1,000 people living in Canada, 18 years and older, who have Internet access at home and 250 people living in Canada who do not have Internet access at home. The study will be conducted in English and French.

Deliverables and Pricing

All subscribers to the Participation in the Digital Economy syndicated study will receive:

  • PowerPoint report of the results
  • Detailed tables (Excel) with cross-tabulations of the major demographics (age, gender, etc.)
  • In-person presentation of findings upon request (exclusive of travel costs outside Toronto)

Please contact us for pricing and more information about the study.