Conducting Public Opinion Research Using Online Panels

Experience. Quality. Integrity.

Ipsos offers a full line of research panels — both on and off-line. Whether you want to build your own custom interactive panel, or simply use one of our existing panel products, we can reach the respondents you need, using the most appropriate methodology for your research objectives.

While many firms have online panels, all panels are not created equal. Rigorous quality standards in panel recruitment and management are critical to providing results in which our clients can have confidence. Ipsos Reid has developed one of the most stringent panel maintenance procedures in the industry, allowing for efficient and accurate data collection.

What Makes the Ipsos Online Panel Superior?


Quality begins with recruitment. We recruit from more than 25 different sources.We reach different types of panelists through different methodologies (RDD, mail, web-based). This strategy ensures that we have the highest quality survey results.

All of our panel participants are fully opted into our panel and participate willingly in research, meaning they come to us, and can drop off the panel at any time.We actively and continuously recruit for panel members, ensuring that respondents remain fresh and engaged.

For certain hard to reach audiences we recruit participants through specific targeted approaches, for example, we have arrangements in place to recruit youth through social networking websites such as Facebook and PeanutLab.

Frequency of Contact

Our vigorous panel maintenance procedures mean only those participants who actively participate in surveys, at least once every six months, are included.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ipsos panels are managed and refreshed regularly, unlike lists or databases. New panel members are added continuously.

Panel member profile information includes name, gender, age, region, postal code, email, education, employment status, occupation, annual household income, household size, internet usage, and age and gender of other household members. Using our proprietary Webcruiser tool, panelists may also be screened for additional specific criteria.

Respondent Integrity

Online panel members are verified via a double opt in process, and stringent quality checks are performed regularly. Online panelists with contradictory answers, under/over clicking, straight-lining responses, or speeding through surveys consistently are removed from the panel. Technical quality checks identify duplicate IP addresses and automated registrations.

Our panels are used only by Ipsos and only for research.

We comply with all MRIA, MRA, and CASRO standards for privacy. Additionally, our personally identifiable information collection and emailing practices have been audited and are certified to comply with all relevant privacy and spam laws by the three premier online trust authorities: TRUSTe, Habeas, and Sender Score.


Ipsos offers a points incentive program, which provides instant gratification, while building consistent response rates and long-term loyalty and trust. The points program promotes fair and consistent rewards across all surveys with similar length and sample definition.


As a full-service market research company, we offer our clients a range of methodologies and products.

Globally, Ipsos conducts more than six million surveys, in more than 100 countries, each year. We help interpret, simulate and anticipate the needs and responses of consumers, customers and citizens around the world — bettering the products and services we all use every day.

Should you be interested in further detail about online panel quality at Ipsos, we would be happy to send you an information package on the Ipsos Panel Integrity program (iPi4), our four-stage proprietary program based on extensive experimental research.

How Can the Ipsos Panel Meet Your Research Objectives?

(We Offer the Haystack and the Needle!)

When you choose an Ipsos online panel, you're accessing over 500,000 panelists in the U.S., and over 200,000 panelists in Canada. Our demographics can accurately help you to target specific audiences — like teens or lower income households. Looking for a specific niche group not listed above? We can use our proprietary Webcruiser tool to search for existing or new variables within the broad panel base.

While we can help you pinpoint a target or extremely niche market, panels are also an efficient sample source to reach a broad population.

They can be branded, blind, or completely customized to fit your needs.

Build Your Own Panel

If your needs require information fast from a specific stakeholder group on an ongoing basis, Ipsos’ custom panels may be the solution.

Offering online, 24/7 access to real-time survey data and a range of quantitative and qualitative research options, Ipsos Custom Panels enable clients to conduct research with customers, prospects, thought leaders, suppliers, associations, or employees. Interactive custom panels are owned by you, but managed by Ipsos — giving you peace of mind and saving time and resources.

Custom Panels provide real time data on hot issues. Surveys often launch within 24 hours and offer almost immediate results online with direct access to data, allowing you to react quickly to changes in the public environment.

From research objective to online results, the custom panel research process is fast with most studies taking from only a few days to a week.

Specialty Panels

Ipsos also offers a variety of pre-recruited specialty panels, including:

Multicultural Connection panel — a panel specifically built for studies requiring an ethnic sample of people of Chinese and South Asian backgrounds. All surveys are conducted online in the panelists’ native language.

Sufferer panel — consists of 90,000 individuals, pre-screened for over 30 acute and chronic medical conditions.

Global panel — we have 2.3 million online panelists, in three continents and 24 countries. Our global research services and dedicated teams in countries around the globe ensure that you receive the international perspective you need.

Recent Panel Projects

Here are a just a few recent examples of studies we have completed using our online panel:

  • A survey of 500 recent immigrants to Canada
  • A survey of 1,000 Canadian victims of fraud
  • A survey of the users of an online government service