Canadian Business Media Relations Review

Canada’s Top Business Leaders Talk About Effective Media Relations

Journalists are inundated with information about potential news stories as diverse companies compete for their attention. In this competitive environment, how can you ensure that your message receives maximum exposure?

Ipsos is pleased to present the Canadian Business Media Relations Review, an elite survey of the country’s top print, online, and broadcast business editors and journalists.

Crisis Communications Module

In this Module, the journalists will provide their advice on what to do and what not to do when your organization is facing a public crisis. They will evaluate recent high profile cases of crisis communications and offer their insight into how the organizations could have interacted better with the media to improve the impact of their PR efforts. What do you need to do differently, if anything, during a crisis?

Value of a Syndicated Study

Syndicated (or shared) studies have the benefit of a much lower price as costs are shared across multiple buyers. Subscribers share the core survey content, but can customize the study by adding proprietary questions that are not shared with others.

Core Study Content

Today’s Hot Issues

What do business journalists see as the emerging trends in business and financial reporting? What topics are hot? What are not?

Journalists Talk to You About Talking to Them

Journalists reveal the keys to success in grabbing their attention and getting your message into the business media.

Changes in the Newsroom

What recent changes have had the greatest impact on how business journalists do their job? How do these changes affect you?

A Day in the Life

Who are the decision-makers in the business media? When is the best time to pitch a story idea?

Tools of the Trade

What does today’s ideal business media release look like? What criteria do journalists use in determining which media releases, press conferences, etc. they will attend?

Corporate Reputation: Bright Lights; Bad Cases

Business journalists rate the media relations efforts of your organization... and those of your competitors. This section is a favourite of subscribers and gives a reading not only of the media relations efforts of individual organizations, but of industry sectors as well.

Subscription Cost

Core Subscription: $12,500*

This includes subscriber input into the questionnaire, as well as a comprehensive report on the research findings.

Proprietary Questions:

Closed-ended question $2,750*
Open-ended question $3,600*

As space on the questionnaire is limited, proprietary questions are available on a first come, first served basis.

Crisis Communication Module: $4,500*

*Plus applicable taxes. This study will proceed only if there are a sufficient number of subscribers.


Ipsos will conduct in-depth interviews with more than 75 journalists, editors, and producers who focus on business issues in print, online and broadcast media. The respondents will be drawn from across Canada and will represent both national and regional media. Interviews will be conducted in English and in French.