Ipsos Reid eNation Canada Omnibus

Reach up to 2,000 Canadians every seven days. A new wave begins every business day.

The online omnibus is an ideal survey instrument to test responses to visual communications and complex concepts, all on a dependable, convenient, daily schedule.

Professional research staff can provide expertise in the development and/or fine-tuning of survey questions. Clients receive detailed data tables with responses to their questions broken down by key regional and demographic variables. Of course, additional research services such as over-samples, an executive summary, a full written report, custom banners (demos), or public release of survey findings are also available.

Share the vehicle, not the results.

Think of an omnibus survey as your research car pool. You save money by sharing the vehicle (the survey) going to a common destination (the sample). The individual question results however, are confidential and are only available to you. It's a cost effective shared vehicle for getting the answers you need at a fixed price. Image protection software ensures respondents cannot download, save, or print the concepts we ask them to evaluate.

Why use an online omnibus?

The online environment is an ideal medium for testing responses to visual communications or complex concepts. Pre-recruited respondents have the ability to respond to the survey at their convenience within the survey window. Clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors have placed questions on the Ipsos Reid eNation Canada Omnibus to:

  • Test advertising campaigns
  • Test graphic or other types of visual messaging
  • Evaluate customer service
  • Profile customers /users
  • Position brands
  • Study attitude and usage
  • Measure market share


Start on the business day that's most convenient for you! Questions may be confirmed prior to 1 pm daily, from Monday to Friday. Close-ended data tables are delivered one week (7 days) from the question deadline, ie: questions confirmed on Tuesdays before 1 pm will receive close-ended data tables the following Tuesday. Openended data usually follows within one business day.

How do I receive my data?

Clients receive detailed data tables with responses to their questions broken down by key regional and demographic variables such as age, gender, region, education and income. Custom banners are also available – please ask us for pricing and possibilities.

Data Intended for Public Release

We have media partnerships with the most prestigious news organizations around the world. Put our reputation for producing balanced and objective research information to work for your organization by using our specialized public release service. A minimum of two weeks is required to turnaround data for public release. Please call us for pricing or further information about this service.

How is the information collected?

Data for the Ipsos Reid eNation Canada Omnibus are collected through random sampling of our 200,000+ member national online panel. The Ipsos online panel is recruited and maintained utilizing double and triple opt-in screening processes to ensure maximum return from an engaged audience. The panel is updated regularly and non-respondents are removed.

Both the survey invitation list and the returned data are weighted to reflect the composition of the general Canadian population. Data may also be weighted to reflect the online population – please call for pricing and possibilities.

Regional Segmentation & Margin of Error

The sample is randomly selected from the Ipsos Online Panel and data are weighted to ensure the sample's age /gender composition reflects that of the actual adult Canadian population according to Census data. The margin of error on a sample size of 1,000 adult Canadians is ±3.1%, 19 times out of 20, of what they would have been had the entire population been polled.


Pricing is on a per question basis, based on volume and question type, on a sample size of 1,000 or 2,000. Please call for pricing.

Questionnaire consultation is not included in question pricing – an additional charge may apply for larger groups of questions or for professional questionnaire advice – please ask us for details.