Omnibus Surveys FAQ

What are Omnibus Surveys used for?

Clients in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors place questions on Ipsos Omnibus Surveys to:

  • gauge public opinion on a multitude of issues
  • test advertising campaigns
  • set benchmarks and measure awareness and usage of brands & services
  • estimate and profile demographics of market share
  • forecast trends
  • track reactions and opinions on specific issues

How long will it take to get my data?

All Ipsos Omnibus surveys run on dependable and frequent schedules, so there's little or no waiting time for the next wave to begin. Delivery time depends on which Omnibus Survey you choose – from overnight on the Overnight Omnibus to six business days on the Specialty Omnibuses.

Why do Omnibus Surveys cost less than custom research?

An Omnibus survey is a shared cost survey. Think of an Omnibus survey as your research car pool. You save money by sharing a vehicle, (the survey), and going to a common destination, (the respondents). Although the vehicle is shared, the results from your questions are confidential and only available to you. Omnibus surveys are also shorter (with a 15 question maximum) so they are faster to field.

What is included in the cost?

Professional research staff provides their expertise in the development and/or fine-tuning of survey questions. Clients receive detailed data tables with responses to their questions broken down by key regional and demographic variables.

What if I need a full report?

As a full-service market research company, we can also provide you with additional services such as over-samples, executive summaries, full written reports, custom banners, and public releases of survey findings if necessary. Please call or email us for pricing and possibilities.

Can I use results from an Omnibus Survey for a press release or public relations campaign?

Put our reputation for producing balanced and objective research information to work for your organization by using our specialized public release service. A minimum of three weeks is required to turn around data for public release. Please contact us to attain everything you need to know about data intended for public release, such as professional costs, timing, and much more.