A Study of the Mobile Market in Canada

Changing Landscape

The rapid growth of Smartphones and more recently Tablets & eReaders is driving profound change on the Canadian consumer experience and related digital media habits.

Mobile devices provide a wealth of new revenue and marketing communication opportunities for service providers, retailers, marketers and advertisers. Furthermore, mobile devices present a new channel for interaction with a brand that can increase awareness, loyalty and brand equity.

Since its inception in 2011, Mobil-ology delivers a comprehensive review of the Canadian mobile marketplace at two points each year (Spring & Fall). Focusing on the essential role mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, and eReaders) play in the lives of Canadians, Mobil-ology explores and tracks brands, attitudes and behaviours.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive: Includes 10 detailed chapters:

  • Device Market Landscape
  • Carrier Market Landscape
  • Feature Usage & Frequency
  • Content
  • Apps
  • QR Codes
  • Mobile Advertising
  • mCommerce
  • Video
  • Media Consumption

Insightful: Reveals up-to-date insight into current and emerging trends driving the market

Flexible: Add-on features enable fine-tuning of the research to suit specific needs

Actionable: Information designed to help:

  • Assess market size and growth potential
  • Understand attitudes and opinions
  • Identify opportunities
  • Optimize marketing to and communication with key consumer segments
  • Answer the questions most relevant to specific businesses or organizations


The survey measures the current penetration of, as well as intentions to purchase a Smartphone, Tablet and eReader.

Based on a total of 2000 online interviews (current users), the robust sample size delivers a broad overview of the landscape, as well as the opportunity to drill down into specific information most relevant to your organization.

Study Schedule


February / March
Data Collection
April / May
Reporting & Presentations

*Study schedule subject to subscriber interest


September / October
Data Collection
November / December
Reporting & Presentations

*Study schedule subject to subscriber interest

Core Deliverables

Two waves conducted annually – Spring & Fall

2,000 interviews with Mobile Device users per wave

Full written report each wave

Full set of data tables each wave

Formal presentation

Subscription Options

  • Full report: $26k
  • Foundation subscription: $12K
  • Foundation subscription + 1 Module: $18K
  • Foundation subscription + 2 Modules: $22k

Value-Add Opportunity

Bring more value to your subscription by incorporating:

A Teen Boost**

Teens aged 13 to 17 (n=500) = $6,000

Customized Tables

One Banner Page = $500

Proprietary Questions***
1 Question 2 Waves = $4,000
2 Questions 2 Waves = $6,000
3 Questions 2 Waves = $10,000

**Boost availability subject to subscriber interest
***Limited space, availability first come first serve


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