Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform for Lottery & Gaming Research Panels

A modern online environment for enlightened dialogue with your customers

Lottery and gaming agencies are increasingly focused on developing tactically oriented efforts to increase market penetration and promote increased interest or openness to gambling and lottery gaming. This is often done through innovations in packaging and communications, and trying to engage consumers to share their opinions.

This shift in focus demands reorientation in market research programs to ensure that investments in strategic marketing efforts are being realized. To become more proactive in developing and marketing products for the ever-evolving consumer requires a dynamic approach to conducting research among consumers.

Use the Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform for your lottery and gaming research panel and get meaningful insights for building a solid brand strategy. This research tool packages a tactical web-based, pre-screened, staged consumer panel with a modern, online environment where you can dialogue with your target market in immersive ways.

Key Benefits

A lottery and gaming research panel that uses the Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform has numerous benefits for lottery and gaming agencies, including:

  • Focuses on your target market. More lottery and gaming agencies’ marketing efforts are focusing on players and potential players; consequently, a player-specific sampling vehicle makes sense.
  • Flexible and tailored. The panel of pre-recruited, ready, and fully engaged “on-tap” respondents can be used to conduct point-in-time studies (both quantitative and qualitative) as well as ongoing audience engagement programs with your target audience 24/ 7/365.
  • Delivers quick results. The panel gives direct access to responses as polling and discussion takes place. You will see initial results within a few hours and a good response level within a day or two of posting your questions to the panel. The results are presented in a report format that will enable quick and cost-effective decision-making.
  • Qualitative research features. Co-creation activities, online forums, and focus groups provide another way to receive instant research results. Test images and/or video in multiple formats with visual capabilities. Videos are streamed to avoid connection issues and ensure quality control.
  • Ease of use encourages participation. Respondents are becoming increasingly comfortable and at ease completing Ipsos surveys online.
  • A perfect match for your tracking study. The increasing speed and effectiveness of both new product launches and advertising promotions demands quick results about a variety of topics that the infrequent tracking study does not accommodate. Use the panel to conduct a variety of quick studies, from product testing to qualitative research to advertising testing, etc.

Eight Easy Ways to Dialogue with your Target Audience

The Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform has a broad array of tools from panel-based applications to a robust and engaging community environment. These include:

  1. Discussion Boards. Share thoughts, opinions, and experiences via text, images, videos, and attachments.
  2. Blogs. Engages members with brand-driven content and enables deeper-dive exercises.
  3. Quick Polls. Collect a quick, aggregate read on a specific question among the community.
  4. Quick Surveys. Collects quantitative data and openended verbatim – supports complex survey programming.
  5. Contests. Vote, rate, and rank both member-generated and client-supplied content.
  6. Idea Exchange. Enables members to brainstorm to vet new ideas and identify unmet needs.
  7. Live Chats. Chat in real-time in an intimate setting.
  8. Reporting. Real-time reporting dashboard coupled with Ipsos generated custom deliverables.

How it Works

Lottery and gaming agencies can communicate with and obtain feedback from all panelists that have been recruited to their panel database including key player groups, gambling groups, and market segments.

With a very wide range of potential research applications available through the Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform, some of the most popular uses by lottery and gaming organizations include:

  • Early stage assessment of marketing and promotional concepts
  • Evaluating positioning statements, taglines, or other ad concepts including print, audio, and video
  • Basic product /concept testing for online or scratch games
  • Obtaining valuable feedback from retailers
  • Issues management such as legislative demands, press/media issues, and other “hot topics”
  • Quick polls to provide instant results on a single question
  • Engaging consumers for ideas through discussion forums

Leveraging the Ipsos Brand

Unlike the self-serve online research platforms available in the market today, the Ipsos Social Intelligence Platform provides the highest standards of research expertise and knowledge that is synonymous with the Ipsos brand.

Our research tool is powered by a team of specialists who have an expert understanding of the online space. This team works in partnership with Ipsos’ lottery and gaming research team to ensure that the insights collected are methodologically sound and focus on meaningful outcomes for the lottery and gaming agencies.