Personal Cardholder Study

2015 Personal Cardholder Study (PCS) Credit Cards and Payment Methods

The Payment Market has never been more dynamic

This past year has seen many changes in the market, including major card portfolio changes, new card launches and the continued adoption of new payments technologies.

The Ipsos PCS study is the best way to keep the pulse on this changing market.

Trended market share scorecard: Quarterly scorecard shows you key activity on your cards versus competitors.

  • How have the portfolio flips affected card issuers.
  • See which cards generate the most spending and borrowing activity, and which are losing share
  • Identify the leaders and laggards for card acquisitions and cancellation intentions
  • Customize the scorecard to add your proprietary list of credit cards and key tracking measures

Core Report

The PCS provides a detailed view of the card payment market. Key strengths of the report include:

Payment Methods, Including Mobile: Cardholders have many choices for making payments, and you need the big picture to understand the market. We explore Canadians’ usage and attitudes towards cash, debit, credit and mobile purchases.

Trended Results: Ipsos’ PCS is by far the largest and longest- running study of its kind. Understanding long-term and multi- dimensional trends adds invaluable market and brand insight.

Rewards Analysis: Understand the latest trends in rewards and what they mean to cardholders – then take it a step further. Learn the Key Drivers of credit card behaviour to strengthen any rewards program.

Optional Trended Market Share Scorecard

Understand how credit cards are used to uncover strengths and opportunities for your portfolio. The new scorecard provides the following information at the brand, issuer and card level:

  • Penetration and share of active cards in-market
  • Card churn (acquisitions, switching, cancellation intentions)
  • Share of personal spending
  • Share of borrowing
  • Average spending per card
  • Plus add your custom tracking measures

Optional Report Modules

Regional Analysis (5 Yr. Trend)

This report analyzes results for each region in Canada compared to one another and overall. Results are trended over five years. Regional breaks include:

  • West
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic

Income Analysis (5 Yr. Trend)

This report analyzes results across different income groups. Results are trended over five years. Income breaks include:

  • Less than $50K
  • $50K to less than $100K
  • $100K to less than $200K
  • $200K+

Online Methodology

Interviews with a total of 12,000 Canadian adults via Ipsos’ Canadian consumer research panel.

Data collection runs in four waves during the year as follows:

Wave 1 in March n=3,000 Custom data in May
Wave 2 in June n=3,000 Custom data in August
Wave 3 in September n=3,000 Custom data in November
Wave 4 in December n=3,000 Custom data in February

All four data collection waves include key credit card measures and are rolled together in the annual report.

*The 2015 report will be delivered in September, and include data from Waves 1 and 2 2015 combined with Waves 3 and 4 2014.

Card Level Data Classification

Ipsos maintains a database of 450+ cards, so that all data can be classified and analyzed at the card level.

Core Study Deliverables

  • Core study report
  • Formal presentation of the study findings
  • Customized workshops to address specific business issues
  • Optional trended market share scorecard four times per year
  • Optional proprietary questions available with our PCS omnibus on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Optional proprietary samples for ‘booster’ samples among specific types of cardholders or other types of groups

Report Schedule

  • Core Study Report – September 2015
    *Including data from Waves 1 and 2 2015 combined with Waves 3 and 4 2014.
  • Regional and Income Analyses – December 2015
  • Market Share Scorecard and Omnibus Results Quarterly

2015 Study Pricing

Personal Cardholder Study – Core Study $31,500
Optional reports/deliverables:
Quarterly market share scorecard $3,500
Regional analysis (5 year Trend) $7,500
Income analysis (5 Year Trend) $7,500
SPSS $2,500

Proprietary omnibus questions, additional samples or data tables – please contact Ipsos for costs

All costs noted are in $CDN and exclude any applicable taxes.