Ipsos Scratch OptiMix™

Optimizing the Scratch Product Offer at Retail

Have you ever wondered about the optimal combination of Scratch games to offer at retail? How to choose from the seemingly infinite number of Scratch games available? Which games generate the most appeal among players? And which price points players find most appealing?

Use the Ipsos Scratch OptiMix™ research tool to help evaluate the appeal of potential Scratch games prior to launch.

What Goes Into the Ipsos Scratch OptiMix™ Research Design?

The Ipsos Scratch OptiMix™ research is based on the following principles:

Focus on Scratch players’ preferences.

Ipsos’ team of Lottery and Gaming researchers work with you to tailor the research to help better understand which Scratch offerings are most appealing to your players.

Customized and flexible approach.

The research design includes examples of 50+ potential Scratch games for your market, selected by you. The tickets are viewed by the players in the form of a generic simulated retail display. Research points to keep in mind:

  • By showing a variety of tickets at different price points, the research design mimics the quick decision process most players make at retail;
  • Include examples of all price points that you wish to consider.

How Does It Work?

Respondents are shown a mix of the tickets under consideration and are given a predetermined amount of money to spend on each set, before moving on to the next set. Respondents can click on a ticket to see an enlarged version and decide if they'd like to buy it. Respondents don’t have to "spend" all of the money on a given set.

Each respondent does not have to see every possible combination of tickets, nor do all respondents evaluate the same sets of tickets. The experimental randomization process works by identifying patterns in players’ choice behavior.

The Result: Appeal Scores and Rankings for Each Ticket

The research results are analyzed and appeal scores are tabulated for each ticket under consideration.These scores are then ranked and comparable both within and between price points. Results by subgroup are also available, for example, $2 players only, Scratch segment, or age group of interest (dependent on sufficient sample size).

Additionally, the results help differentiate between underperforming and niche games! Scratch games are also mapped to provide insight into their level of broad attraction and tactical position.