Ipsos Market Segmentation Research

Streamline Marketing Efforts with Valuable Insights into Your Target Market

Segmentation is a highly customizable research tool that helps organizations define their consumers by classifying the target population into distinct subgroups based on characteristics such as gender, age, or political affiliation. More complex segmentations can be based on product usage, personal values and attitudes, or other general lifestyle traits.

Use Ipsos Market Segmentation research to define your target market and understand how to reach and connect with them in the competitive Lottery and Gaming sector.

Ipsos is the industry leader in Market Segmentation research for Gaming agencies.Our specialized team of experts has conducted over 90 segmentation studies for North American Lottery & Gaming jurisdictions in the past 20 years.

Key Benefits

Marketing today is increasingly difficult given the vast expanse of technology, digital media, and Internet channels available to consumers. Targeted marketing is critical, and requires organizations to understand exactly who their targets are and what they want.

Ipsos Market Segmentation research provides the ability to see the size and scope of your company’s markets. It helps identify your core customers, which subgroups show potential for growth, what is important to them, the best ways to communicate, and additionally, which groups to avoid.

How it Works

Ipsos has been perfecting its approach to segmentation in the Gaming sphere for over two decades. Our methods successfully incorporate a combination of behavioral and attitudinal dimensions to achieve a careful balance of how people think and act.

Our techniques employ a wide variety of question topics to assess product usage, attitudes towards the organization or brand, and a variety of lifestyle aspects tailored to the needs of the organization or sector in question. Some of the specific topic areas we explore include:

  • Brand/Product Awareness and Knowledge
  • Game Participation and Spending
  • Lapsed Player Analysis
  • Game Play Habits
  • Game Attribute Importance
  • Advertising and Communications
  • Gaming Motivations
  • Corporate Image
  • Policy/Social Issues
  • Attitudes Toward Various Types of Gaming
  • Lifestyle Indicators
  • Technology Attitudes

The Result

Our goal with every segmentation study is to deliver insightful and actionable results. We collaborate at every stage of the process to allow for input into the survey, segment question inputs, selection of a segment solution, and in particular the selection of appropriate names for each segment.

In the end, organizations come away with a well-defined and well-understood set of market segments to use in their future marketing and planning decisions. A well-crafted segmentation should ideally last three to five years, or until such time as sufficient market change has occurred and the results need refreshing.