Ipsos Draw Game Appraiser

Understand the Impact of Changing Your Draw Style Games Product Mix

Ipsos Draw Game Appraiser is a customized tool that helps lotteries understand the impact that adding or replacing (one or two) draw style games would have on both their current product mix and overall revenues.

The research results are able to show share of spending on the new game concept versus existing games in the mix, assess whether the new concept would cannibalize sales from any products in the current mix, and evaluate the overall impact of total revenue. While some games’ individual sales may decline (or become cannibalized), it is still possible that total sales may rise as a result of sales from the introduction of a new game.

How Does It Work?

Due to the nature of this type of study, most are conducted on the Internet using Ipsos’ Proprietary Consumer Panel (in-person is also possible; however this can be quite costly).

The main component of the study involves a spending exercise (discrete choice) whereby respondents are asked to spend money (they also have the option to not spend money) on lottery games in various scenarios (both including and excluding the new product(s) being tested) and at varying jackpot levels (if changing jackpots apply).

Over the course of a survey, a respondent may see up to 16 screens in total during the experimentally designed spending exercise (depending on the length of the survey), each providing different game and jackpot offerings. At each screen, respondents are asked to identify how much, if any, money they would spend on that particular offer.

The Result: Ipsos Draw Game Appraiser Simulator

The primary deliverable for this type of research is an Excel-based Simulator where clients are able to create any potential scenario to see how both individual game revenues are impacted along with the total increase or decrease in sales. These scenarios can be modeled with any current or new game in the mix and account for varying jackpot levels if applicable.

The design is flexible and can be customized to specific needs or research requirements, and can incorporate various types of sales projection analysis and modeling.