Ipsos ConStruct™

A New Concept Building Tool for the Lottery and Gaming sector

Use Ipsos ConStruct™ to bypass costly multi-phase research programs and deliver test-ready concept descriptions, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Ipsos ConStruct™ is a concept building tool that takes the post-ideation concept development guesswork out of the hands of developers by extracting the ideal concept directly from the minds of lottery players and gamblers themselves.

Key Benefits

Ipsos ConStruct™ provides cost and time saving benefits:

  • Reduces the risk of testing the wrong concepts.
  • Lowers R&D costs by reducing the number of concepts that need to be tested to get it right.
  • Delivers a feature set that you know is valued by the target market.
  • Provides an objective validation of ideation and focus group recommendations and can replace traditional exploratory techniques.
  • Produces test-ready concept descriptions.

How Does it Work?

Respondents, who represent the target market, are guided through a web-based survey that incorporates the Ipsos ConStruct™ sorting exercise. They sort through the numerous features that may comprise a concept and build their ideal product by clicking or dragging features on-screen. This exercise helps determine the optimal combination of features that will have the greatest level of appeal among consumers.

Following the sorting exercise, respondents can provide communications, naming, and concept resonance feedback in a series of open- and closed-ended questions that are included in the larger survey.

As part of the detailed analysis, a TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis is conducted with the Ipsos ConStruct™ data. The TURF analysis maps together the survey respondents' preferences and provides the optimal combination that will reach the largest target audience.