Canada's Most Valuable (Sponsorship) Property Study 2015

Subscriptions to the 2015 MVP study are now available

Discover the ‘value’ of 100 Canadian sponsorship properties. Learn their strengths and weaknesses on the 7 key drivers of value. Use this to ‘dial up’ your sponsor/property relationships and activations.

There are metrics on the hard numbers: event attendance, media impressions, number of engagements, even corporate image or sales tracking. But none of these capture the equity halo that creates an emotional connection. It is this connection that ultimately influences consumer behaviour.

7 Drivers of Emotional Connection

  • Personal Involvement — a personal relationship touching what is important in their everyday lives
  • Creating the Moment — memorable experiences that are to be savoured and shared, that add passion and enjoyment to their lives
  • Impact on the Cause — trust in the property to leverage their involvement to make their community or the world a better place
  • Sponsor Fit — a logical fit between a property and sponsors who are true champions and ensure it happens and consumers have access
  • Responsible Management — appropriate governance and not overly commercial
  • Heritage – a solid history and promising future; helping define what it is to be Canadian
  • Uniqueness — a claim on something no one else is doing

This Year’s Winners

On June 5, Ipsos and TrojanOne announced the latest round of Most Valuable Property results at CSFX 2015. With the third installment, the MVP Study evolved once more to better capture marketplace needs. While last year we added Most Respected Sponsor, this year’s study went further by isolating data for gender and younger generations to show even more insight into the minds and hearts of Canadians.

The Most Valuable Properties in Each Category Are:

  • Health Causes and Overall MVP: Canadian Cancer Society
  • Professional Sports: The Grey Cup and Each Canadian’s Favorite NHL Team (tie)
  • Amateur Sports: Canadian Olympic Committee
  • Arts: Major Museums and Art Galleries
  • Entertainment: Nearest Theme Park/Attraction
  • Events: Winter Cultural Festivals
  • Youth Causes: Kids Help Phone
  • Social Causes: World Wildlife Fund
  • Among Teens: Local High School Sport Organization

With comprehensive new slices to the data, the latest MVP Study will be invaluable to both brands and properties as you make strategic decisions in planning, activating, and evaluation your sponsorships, with even deeper slices of insights into why consumers care about the properties they’re so passionate about.

Help shape your sponsorship relationships.

PLAN: Use the understanding of what drives emotional connection to shape your sponsorship portfolio or bolster your sponsorship proposal.

ACTIVATE: Tailor your activations to leverage the triggers that drive emotional equity and affinity with consumers.

EVALUATE: Track and measure your impact against the key drivers to understand your impact and how to improve its success.

The full report will be available for purchase in August.

The detailed PowerPoint report is available for $3,000 plus applicable taxes. Invite us in for a personalized presentation of the findings to your organization’s decision makers for an additional $1,500 plus taxes.

Become a part of this ground-breaking new research program and learn more about how you can evaluate the emotional payback for your sponsorship dollars.