Ipsos Brand Power Research for the Gaming Sector

Explore the Power of Your Gaming Brand

Use Ipsos Brand Power research to diagnose your gaming brand's strengths, opportunities, and challenges, and identify a new position of brand power.

Research shows that brands with the ability to deliver strong emotional and aspirational benefits are the most powerful among their competitors. Knowing how to manage and communicate the emotional and aspirational aspects that differentiate their brands allows companies to maximize the power of their brands.

Hierarchy of Brand Strength: A Lottery Game Example

Aspirational or social benefits are about what the brand gives people, in terms of self-image or standing among their peers.

Emotional benefits express people's feelings when they interact with the brand – whether they are engaged with a product or service, or speaking with a customer service representative.

Functional attributes, while important to have, can easily be claimed or duplicated by competitors, and rarely differentiate one brand from another. For example, "high quality" is a typical functional attribute."A brand I can trust" is the emotional benefit that could express "high quality."

A Unique Approach to Reinvigorate Your Brand

Ipsos has helped many companies reinvigorate their brands to a stronger position using our Brand Power research approach.

Unlike other brand assessment or tracking approaches, our Brand Power research solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Focused on your brand's potential. Producing a more management-friendly tool than other common diagnostic and backward-looking tools.
  • Consistent and normative. Uses normative benchmarking and proven diagnostics that point to greater brand health.
  • Flexible and tailored. Accommodates the unique positioning of your brand and complex conditions of your market.
  • Adds insight while preserving valued tracking investments. The analysis can be applied to existing brand tracking programs, without a need to change attributes or scales, or start a new tracking program from scratch.
  • Integrates analyses. The integration of analyses tells a complete brand story, which is different from some disconnected brand products offered by others.
  • Yields optimal positioning. Points the way to the optimal positioning that will drive sales.

How It Works

Every analysis is unique to the client's business, industry, and market. We use our proprietary market assessment framework, which diagnoses a brand's strength in the marketplace, paired with one of our unique Brand Power analysis tools. Together, these elements deliver a benchmark assessment of a brand's health, uncover market drivers, and identify positioning opportunities that will lead to greater sales.

Our Brand Power research will:

Diagnose your brand's clarity, distinctiveness, and leadership relative to competitors.

Provide insight into how to adjust your brand's position to achieve the desired goal, i.e., awareness, equity, and sales.

Give you flexibility to run "what if" scenarios for testing potential brand positions with our user-friendly Excel-based simulator – from your own desktop.

Armed with this information, you will make better brand strategy, marketing communications, and copy writing decisions.