Food and beverage Insights Valuable to your business Everyday

About FIVE

Ipsos’ FIVE provides an accurate and unparalleled view of the food and beverage landscape that drives growth by delivering “One Source of Consumption Truth”.

FIVE’s daily tracking captures consumption behaviour and attitudes from over 20,000 individual consumers annually. This robust sample, coupled with the experience and expertise of the FIVE Team, ensures that key business issues are addressed with actionable insights to help our clients uncover and capitalize on opportunities to grow their businesses.

Business Issues Addressed

  • Identify key consumer targets by determining who consumes your products and your competitors’ products
  • Strengthen current and long range strategies, marketing messages and positioning based on a detailed view of where, when, why and how your products are consumed
  • Increase success rate for identifying and developing new products by determining your consumers’ needs based on examining behaviour versus attitudes
  • Investigate drivers of growth and decline by identifying changes in situational and motivational dynamics
  • Enhance customer relationships by providing unique insights to drive category growth

Key Topics

WHO consumes my products/brands?

  • Detailing age, gender, ethnicity, region, household dynamics, life stages, etc.

WHAT is my true competitive set across all categories?

  • Identifying your category competition and cross-category competition

WHEN is my brand most likely to be consumed?

  • Exploring all meal occasions (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack), weekdays vs. weekends, seasonality, special occasions
  • Investigating situational dynamics that impact consumption
  • When in-home, what appliances and preparation method are used; how are consumers cooking with my products

WHERE is my product being purchased and where is it being eaten?

  • Examining purchase dynamics of products sourced from conventional and non-conventional channels/retailers
  • Identifying consumption dynamics of products consumed in-home, carried-from-home and away-from-home

WHY are consumers increasing or declining consumption of my product?

  • Defining consumer need states driving growth
  • Determining what attitudes and motivations are most influential in consumers deciding to eat or drink your brand


  • Daily reporting by individuals from Ipsos’ online consumer panel of over 200,000 households
  • Annual reporting by 20,000 households yielding detail on approximately 48,000 Canadians
  • In-home, carried from home and away from home occasions captured
  • Information is released on a quarterly basis and is demographically and geographically balanced

Custom Surveys

FIVE identifies each individual panel member reporting on their consumption behaviour yesterday enabling clients to pose a set of customized, proprietary “Back to Five Sample” questions to FIVE respondents in order to dig deeper to address a specific business issue.


In order to meet the varying needs of our clients, Ipsos offers a Suite of Deliverables for FIVE customizable to fit your organizational structure ranging from:

  • Customized Quarterly Dashboard Deliverables
  • Dedicated Client Service Team assigned for data extraction, interpretation and building analysis with insights and recommendations to assist in making key business decisions
  • PowerPoint or Excel Reports
  • Ad Hoc Project Analysis

Food & Beverage Industry Expertise

Ipsos has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in syndicated consumer tracking services in Canada. This rich history has long been a key pillar of its Canadian success.

Based on its unique methodology, capture, coding and servicing experience, FIVE delivers the most complete and comprehensive food and beverage consumer information in Canada.