Atlantic Consumer Monitor

A comprehensive view of the Atlantic Canadian consumer – covering all the latest trends in technology, retail, advertising, media and lifestyle

Atlantic Consumer Monitor will provide subscribers a comprehensive view of digital technology use and adoption, retail shopping patterns, media (traditional and new) consumption, as well as living and lifestyle trends among consumers in the region.

As well, the first 5 subscribers to the Atlantic Consumer Monitor can choose a local non-profit organization as a benefactor to also receive a copy of this year's report.

Overview of Question Areas:

This Annual Survey of 1,500 Atlantic Canadians Consumers will cover the following key topic areas:

  • Digital Technology Trends – Information about who is using what in terms of the latest in personal and household technology devices as well as how they rate their suppliers and anticipated future adoption trends will be evaluated in depth.
  • Retail Shopping Trends – The survey will look at who is shopping where for food and grocery, health & beauty products (including pharmaceuticals), mass merchandise, Big Box/Club stores, lottery, gas and convenience store, among other key retail channels.
  • Advertising, Media and Lifestyle Trends – Understanding where consumers turn for information and advice on future purchase decisions will help to balance and guide the use of traditional and new media strategies for communicating with Atlantic Canadians. Newspaper readership, TV and Radio listening habits, social media engagement along with lifestyle trends, values and motivations as well as active involvement in the community in areas of leisure, culture and charitable giving will help to paint a unique profile of residents for marketers in the region.
  • Demographics & Socio-Economic Profile – The power of knowing who your customers are and who they aren't can be key to generating future growth in a regional marketplace such as Atlantic Canada. Profiling your customers in the region in terms of age, gender, education, employment, income and other factors and understanding the influence this can have on purchase decisions will help you define your targets more strategically.

Subscription Details:

  • Methodology: On-line survey with 1,500 Atlantic Canadians balanced to reflect the general population in each province as well as by gender and age (400 each in NB, NS, NL and 300 in PEI) .
  • Deliverables: Subscribers will receive an in-depth presentation style report supported by a full set of data tables (with key demographic and regional breakdowns of all "core" survey questions).
  • Subscription Fee: $7,500 CDN Limited Offer to Launch New Syndicated Annual Survey
  • Optional "Proprietary Questions": Subscribers may choose to purchase their own questions at a cost of $1,500 per closed-end question or $2,200 per open-end question (with coding).