Ampario and Cortex

Making Research Better

Extending Research Reach for Stronger Engagement, Greater Rewards, and Richer Results

Welcome to a world of change! Market research is undergoing a revolution – respondents are more difficult to reach, panel management alone is not enough, and technology and online culture is dominating the discussion. With Ampario and Cortex, Ipsos is staking a leadership role in creating engaging and insightful online research innovation and ideation.

Meet Ampario

Ampario is Ipsos’ brand for a type of sample, untargeted or non-traditional sample sources. It encompasses both panel sources untargeted to a specific study, and non-panel sources such as social networks, community sites, ad networks, and the like.

Ampario sample is blended with traditional panel sources to provide a complete sampling solution to our clients. It is available through our Cortex router, our proprietary survey management system, and is currently available across North America.

Ampario is Ipsos’ arm in the sample sphere that reaches out to fish for the “non-panelists.” Ampario connects to people within social networks, applications, ad networks and other publishers traditionally outside of the research realm, using surveys as a means of monetization. The incentive for our Ampario sample is a virtual currency system as a reward for completing surveys.

Connect with Cortex

Cortex is Ipsos’ field management system, which allows us to handle all field activities (such as survey programming, sampling, data collection) on one integrated platform. Ampario works hand in hand with Cortex to ensure Ipsos gathers the most concise and insightful research possible through a fresh stream of responses and respondents. While Ampario helps to recruit and engage hard to reach respondents, Cortex ensures the right respondent gets to the right survey.

As our volume of surveys grows, our Cortex system becomes increasingly more efficient in bringing in respondents for our surveys. While many respondents come into our space through our suite of panels, Ampario adds to this richness by providing access to respondents beyond our existing panels. With this combined approach, Ampario sampling combined with Cortex is the closest thing to RDD sampling in the world of CATI.

Volume is the key to making this type of sampling model work. And that means hundreds of surveys going on at the same time. The broad reach and extensive scope of Ipsos’ research puts us in a class of our own – few other research companies can effectively perform and deliver the kind of research volume that Ipsos provides.

Key Benefits

With these systems, Ipsos is able to deliver greater efficiencies with better information for our clients. This translates into:

  • quicker completion times – so you get your insights faster
  • lower costs – so you can stay on budget
  • better response rates – so your information is more precise
  • better data – so you get a higher quality, more representative results
  • sample capacity – so you can cast a wider net than you can with other panels

Better Recruitment, Better Research

Ampario reaches out to social network spaces to help recruit and engage prospective respondents. Through gamification and online social interaction, Ampario creates a reward and bonus system that attracts new survey respondents through currencies that matter to them. Ampario does not require a credit card and allows users to remain anonymous.

To qualify for and complete a survey, users first have to provide basic information about themselves – where they are from, their age, gender, and the like – so Ampario can match them through Cortex to a survey that fits them best.

If they are interested in taking more surveys in the future, users can provide more details and join one of the Ipsos panels.

Once their basic profile is complete, users continue to the Cortex survey routing environment. They may be asked for more information, depending on the survey, as there are many in field every single day. Surveys take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

When they have completed the survey, Ampario compensates the respondent and rewards them further each time they complete additional surveys. They can then return to their activity to enjoy their new bonus.