Ipsos Loyalty Satisfactor

Satisfactor identifies your key drivers of customer satisfaction, dissatisfaction and delight. So you can improve your offer to best effect.

Ipsos Loyalty’s Satisfactor can help you increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Make informed business decisions to improve your customers’ experience utilizing these proven tools to:

  • Optimize customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate customer dissatisfaction
  • Increase customer retention
  • Determine optimal customer service standards
  • Maximize ROI

At Ipsos Loyalty, we have created a new approach to customer satisfaction that yields demonstrable improvements. Our blueprint for this approach takes into account the different levels of expectations of your customers. It separately evaluates the drivers of dissatisfaction and delight and analyzes your positioning regarding your competitors.

Customer Expectations

As some customer segments may be more “demanding” than others, satisfaction can then be unequally profitable. Satisfactor can monitor changes in clients’ expectations and level of demand with the Customer Satisfaction index. Our Sensitivity Analysis models the relationship between importance and contribution to global satisfaction of satisfaction items.

Dissatisfaction and Delight

Satisfactor identifies drivers of both dissatisfaction and delight. Considering only an aggregate level of satisfaction virtually guarantees that you will incorrectly prioritize opportunities for improvement. Drivers of satisfaction are not necessarily drivers of delight. Converting dissatisfied customers to satisfied may require different programs than converting satisfied customers to delighted. How many of your customers are at risk; how many are merely satisfied and how many are delighted?

Merely satisfied customers may be vulnerable to outreach from competitors. Delighted customers are the only true enduring assets a business possesses. And they are worth far more than their actual purchases because of the positive word-of-mouth they spread for the business.

Satisfactor uncovers what is important for your customers and determines the best strategy to optimize customer satisfaction and produce delight. We examine customer needs by customer type (segment) and customers’ level of satisfaction with each service/product attribute. The underlying reasons for dissatisfaction are analyzed and realistic strategies for retention devised.