Ipsos Loyalty Customizer

Knowing what to say and to whom, when and how; one-to-one.

Everyone knows that providing each customer with the right type of service will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ipsos Loyalty’s Customizer identifies who your best customers really are, when to talk to them and what to talk about. And understanding your customers better will ensure you:

  • Hold and drive customer value
  • Optimize your marketing spend
  • Step change your customer offer
  • Maximize the ROI from your CRM investments

Customizer brings together a full understanding of your customer base, obtained by overlaying survey-based research with behavioural data from your customer database so you know “What?” your customers are doing and “Why?” they are doing it. We then use this knowledge to relate their circumstances and their attitudes to their behaviours, and thereby understand which are the most important elements in driving long and short term spending patterns. So you can develop a strategy for achieving immediate and sustained success in your market.

We can show you how to invest your marketing funds more effectively by modeling your customer base in the right way, to discern how long each customer is likely to continue spending with you and what they might buy next. This is achieved by relating actual customer behaviour to key dimensions such as: offer relevancy, brand identification, offer accessibility, offer value and brand confidence, each of which are drawn either directly from survey research you may already have or from the unique Ipsos Loyalty Optimizer research questionnaire which provides all the essential attributes that you need.

Customizer’s motivational model enables you to know:

  • What would motivate a change in behaviour
  • The expected return from doing so
  • Individual customer targeting criteria so you know exactly who to talk to and when

You can then tailor your marketing propositions to better meet the needs of differing groups of customers. The modeling analysis can predict their future spend so you know which customer groups will provide the best return on investment, and which offer will best ensure that return. The data you generate on your customers can be an important strategic asset. With Customizer it becomes an invaluable source of customer insight that enables you to create and sustain competitive advantage — permanently.