Custom Panels

The Ipsos Custom Panels (ICP) team believes that in the demanding world of research, what client’s need most right now is flexibility—the flexibility to access the right target market at the right time, with the right solution, to answer the right questions.

To deliver on this flexibility, Ipsos Custom Panels provides all of the capabilities of an online panel and combines it with access to ad hoc qualitative tools. This means clients can not only execute simple to complex quantitative studies, but also supplement their research, when needed, with further insight from their audience through ad hoc interactive qualitative activities.

As the company’s custom panel experts, Ipsos Custom Panels, with over 10 years experience and currently managing over 30 panels, supports Ipsos client service teams in the development and deployment of their clients’ custom panels.

The Advantages

Powered by teams of specialists who have expert understanding, Ipsos Custom Panels brings a unique perspective:

Research + Custom Panel Expertise
Access to expertise in quant and qual research in your industry, as well as in custom panels

Best-In-Class Platform
Modular tools, multiple data sources, varied audience scope, mobile browser compatibility

Recognized, Credible Ipsos Brand
Clients are confident the insights collected and reported are methodologically-sound and well-thought out with a focus on meaningful outcomes