In sync. Find the winning combination.

Media components have not always been designed to work well together – often entirely different agencies are working on different elements. But in this fragmented, competitive, evolving new media environment, it is more important than ever that brands communicate effectively, efficiently, and holistically.

BrandGraph*360 dives deep, assessing the effectiveness of your integrated marketing communications by determining how effective each element in your marketing mix was at driving specific brand measures across different audiences. It is hind-sight evaluation to help guide your future planning.

  • Understand the contribution of each element of the campaign to the overall result
  • Evaluate traditional campaigns, new media campaigns, and campaigns that combine both
  • Assess how well all of the elements of your campaign fit together
  • Appraise how well all of the elements fit with your existing brand character and equity
  • mine how consumers perceived and responded to your campaign

We don't just tell you what is happening, we tell you why... and, what to do about it.

We pinpoint areas of strength as well as missed opportunity – linking individual touch points and combinations of touch points to the various objectives they drive. By analyzing the effects on brand equity, purchase intent, and other measures, we can help you to focus your efforts on the messages and mediums that work best.

  • What were the effects of the campaign and its elements on my brand?
  • Did I achieve the desired objectives for this initiative? For the brand?
  • Was it worth the investment?
  • What are the key learnings that I can apply to future campaigns?

Why Ipsos ASI BrandGraph*360?

BrandGraph*360 tracks the in-market reach, impact, and cost effectiveness of all your communications. A powerful consumer mix model shows you the contributions of POS, packaging, sponsorship – even uncontrolled communication like word-of-mouth – in addition to each part of your media mix. Ipsos ASI's BrandGraph*360 is:

  • Diagnostic. Analysis that reveals what's working, what's not, and why.
  • Robust. Comprehensive research evaluates the effectiveness of every communication touch point.
  • Holistic. Insight on paid, unpaid, product, and in-store touch points for complete analysis.
  • Insightful. A rich database of norms and learnings to gauge effectiveness and guide improvement.