BCAIM Luncheon: The State of Marketing in B.C.

Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
City: Vancouver, BC

Join Ipsos ASI's Michael Rodenburgh to hear the detailed results from our recent survey examining the state of marketing in our province. At the start of the year, marketers throughout BC shared their inner thoughts on a variety of marketing and strategic issues facing their organization, including budgets, staffing, social media, measurement, and more. Mike will be joined by a panel of experts who will offer their view of the challenges and opportunities that exist in BC’s marketing arena.

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Examining the 'Fresh Not Fake' Trend Examining the 'Fresh Not Fake' Trend

It goes without saying that there has been an over-arching health and wellness trend in the food and beverage space for the past several decades. Of course, over the years as healthcare professionals, manufacturers and consumers have become more...