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Gaming reinvented: For casinos, it’s time to expand the customer experience and bet on a new image


Canadian Gaming Business, February 1, 2016 - The days of opulent and glitzy casinos are diminishing. Venues now blanket the country, and with plenty of entertainment options to choose from, today’s players don’t necessarily need extravagance. If...

Public Perspectives: A Whole New Ballgame for 2016

Public Affairs

Any question about whether or not Canadians’ have noticed the economic downturn can be put to rest. Canadians’ assessments of the national economy have plummeted, dragging down their views on the condition of their personal finances and prospects...     

The Most Influential Brands in Canada 2015


Now in its fifth year, the results of our 2015 Most Influential Brands of Canada study show a modest shuffling in the upper echelon and one new entry to the Top Ten list. Indeed, this proves that influence does not come quickly. It often takes time...     

New Consumer Group for Food Companies


Marketing Magazine, January 18, 2016 – In this article, you will read more about an emerging consumer group within the Food sector in Canada. Learn more about YEMMies (Young Educated Millennial Moms).     

Public Perspectives: Financial Optimism Among Canadians

Public Affairs

In the midst of today’s economic downturn, we compare current Canadian views to generation tracking since 1989. Over 27 years there has been a sharp and steady increase in the proportion of Canadians that believe they are in worse financial shape...     

Public Perspectives: Perceptions are Not Reality

Public Affairs

Canadians showed a high level of disconnect between perceptions and reality when it comes to the makeup of this country. In a recent “Perils of Perception” survey of 33 countries, Ipsos found a significant disconnect between the perceptions of the...     

The B.C. Advantage


BC Business Magazine, December 12, 2015 - We might not love our jobs, our paycheques or our benefits — but for many of us, there’s nowhere we’d rather work than here in B.C. Discover the results from an exclusive workplace survey, done in...     

Public Perspectives: Participation in the Digital Economy

Public Affairs

While the proportion of Canadians accessing the Internet continues to grow, 5% of Canadians do not use the Internet at all. These non-subscribers skew older, less educated, live in rural areas, and many have lower household incomes. Looking at...     

Putting It All On The Table


As the world continues to evolve, so do our eating habits. A surge of new trends–from shrinking household sizes, to a focus on convenience and wellness, to widespread access to information–are impacting who we eat with, what we consume, when and...     

Unhealthy Foods: More Nudging or Mandating

Public Affairs

While Canadians are generally cognizant of the importance of diet to their overall health, it is clear by the statistics that many are not heeding the warning to change their behaviours. Given this, there has been and continues to be a debate about...     

Capturing Cool in Western Canada


Cool is the mecca of brand identity and any brand strategist knows it, however, the process of gaining and maintaining 'coolness' is no easy feat. New research examined not only what is considered cool in Western Canada, but also, what brands can do...     

Black Friday 2015 Predictions for Canada


Retail Insider, November 24, 2015 – Did the predictions come true? Vancouver-based retail industry think tank DIG360 recently released 9 projections for Black Friday 2015 using research conducted by Ipsos.